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Le nozze di Figaro Recitative Day 2


Director Jenny Miller and conductor Jeremy Silver join forces again to present another Le nozze di Figaro Recitative day, building on the previous one held in November. This course will only have 9 participants and no observers.

The content of the day

The aim of the day will be for all participants to give detailed and meaningful performances of all three recitatives. The morning will begin with a short introduction to the approach, and will then focus on how language, music and movement interact. After an investigation of the recitatives with the whole group, we will split into performing groups of three. Every group will participate in dedicated music coaching with Jeremy Silver and separate staging sessions with Jenny Miller on all the excerpts.

Who is the day aimed for?

The day is suitable for professional and graduate singers who want to prepare these roles, and it requires memorisation of the chosen recitatives. This approach to recitative will be a refreshing way to develop your own natural rhythm and personal experience of the art form. A recording of your voice needs to be emailed once you have bought your ticket so that each group of 3 are vocally well matched.


The course cost of £90 includes light refreshments and a £15 administration fee. 


Please book your ticket on Eventbrite. We only have 9 places available , 3 singers for each character.